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Inexpensive Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

07-15-18 / / By JJ Johnson

After a winter that seemed to go on forever, summer is in full swing. Long, hot days have arrived, and all over the Twin Cities, families are doing what they can to keep their families cool. In order to save money, help out your air conditioner, and allow the whole family to keep their cool, here are some inexpensive ways to manage the summer heat.

1) Take a cold shower.

Jump in the shower for 5 minutes and let the cool water lower your core body temperature. However, once you get out, don’t towel off. Let your hair stay wet to keep your head cool, or stand in front of a fan to and let the evaporation of water off your body cool you down. If you don’t have time for a whole shower, run cold water over your wrists, or soak your feet and ankles in cool water. A cool damp towel draped over your shoulders will help lower your body temperature.

2) Make good use of your curtains.

Keep your curtains open during the evening to allow the cool of the night to save you money on air conditioning. Close your curtains during the day to keep the light, and the heat, out.

3) Wear light colors.

Dark colored clothes absorb sunlight and transfer all of that heat right to your body. So, white colors are a fashion necessity on warm summer days. You’ll also want to favor cotton over synthetics as they breathe better and help to keep you cool. Sunscreen will also prevent harmful rays from reaching your skin and heating you up. Find a daily lotion that contains at least SPF 30 to help keep you cool throughout the day.

4) Cool your pillow.

If it’s still hot out as you get ready for bed, place your pillowcase in the freezer for a couple of minutes just before you hit the hay. A cool pillow will help you to sleep on the warmest summer nights.

5) Make the best use of fans.

Fans are not like air conditioners. They are fine for cooling you down, but they do a poor job of taking the heat out of a room just by blowing. Use two fans in collaboration to keep large rooms cool. Place one fan in a window blowing out to rid you of the warm air. Place another facing in to bring in cooler air from outside.

6) Watch how you cook.

Using stoves and ovens brings even more heat into your indoors. On hot days, plan meals involving cold foods or make use of microwaves or an outdoor grill so as not to add more heat to your home.

7) Use cold water.

A tall glass of ice water can work wonders to cool you off. You’ll also want to put a couple of water bottles in the freezer. Place them behind your neck to cool down your core or put one in your bed with you at night to put a little cold in your sheets.

8) Look at your lights.

Incandescent lights are not only energy inefficient, they also give off heat along with the light. So, if you haven’t yet, replace your old bulbs.

9) Go someplace cool.

Libraries and shopping malls are always kept cool. A nice matinee movie is also a good and cheap way to get in out of the hot air.

10) Make sure that your air conditioner is functioning at optimum.

If you haven’t had your air conditioner looked at yet this year, call Quality Refrigeration and have one of our experienced technicians come out and make sure your system is providing the most cool for you money.

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