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How a Maintenance Agreement Can Save You Money

01-15-18 / / By gran

Many see service agreements that companies offer for their heating and cooling systems as a ploy to make more money. You couldn’t be more wrong. A service agreement for your home or businesses equipment can save you a ton of money now and in the future. A heating/refrigeration maintenance service agreement can save your home or business money in four important ways:


First, you save money right away with discounts on labor and parts. Depending on which plan you choose, labor and some of the required replacement parts may be discounted or even free under your chosen agreement. The hourly costs of technicians and replacement of worn belts, dirty filters, and other necessary parts can add up fast. Receiving a discount or a waiver for those costs makes an annual maintenance agreement a great deal.


Second up is the money you’ll save on your heating and refrigeration bills. Regular maintenance will keep your furnace, air conditioners, coolers, ice machines, compressors, ventilation and exhaust units working like new. Old or worn systems require more energy to do that same job and can cost you thousands in higher electric and heating bills over the course of a year.  

Time Savings

Third, you save time out of your busy day. Facility managers have a ton on their plate every single day. Having to remember to schedule monthly, semi-annual and annual service and maintenance can become a pain. A service agreement with Quality Refrigeration takes that whole hassle off of your plate. We will work with you to determine a timeline for the service needs for all of your equipment and we’ll even call you to schedule the appointment. This means that you can give your attention to other aspects of the work, and we’ll handle remembering to schedule the service visits to keep your equipment working at peak efficiency.

Long Life

Finally, regularly scheduled maintenance will provide you with a longer lifespan for your heating or cooling equipment. A furnace can cost you thousands of dollars to replace and a walk-in cooler can cost you tens of thousands when it breaks down. Having to replace them early can be a huge hit for your home or business. And then there are the costs of spoiled food, ruined medical samples, and lost revenue from display items. A broken furnace in January or air conditioner in June can make your workplace a mess for your customers and your employees…and yourself.  


An annual maintenance agreement fee may seem like an unnecessary expense at the beginning, but look at this way: you wouldn’t hesitate to insure the rest of your business, so why wouldn’t you insure the equipment your company, and family, rely on.  Give Quality Refrigeration a call and ask about how one of our annual service agreements can start saving you money today.

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