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Quality Refrigeration Celebrates 40 Years of Service in the Twin Cities

04-15-18 / / By gran

1975 was a wonderful year in a lot of ways.  The devastation wrought by both Watergate and the Vietnam War was finally over, Led Zeppelin was making new music, and disco was still in its heyday. Jaws was playing at the cinema, every day brought us new technological wonders in the Apollo program, and a gallon of milk cost $.46. 1975 was also the year that Quality Refrigeration opened their doors to serve the heating and cooling needs of the good people of the Twin Cities.

Minnesota’s Rich History

A lot has happened in Minnesota since that first day, 43 years ago. A team comprised largely of Minnesota college students defeated the vaunted Russian Hockey team to bring home the Gold Medal in the Lake Placid Olympics. The skies parted on Halloween in 1991 and dropped more than 30 inches of snow, burying us for three days straight. The very next year, the Mall of America became the largest enclosed shopping center in the world. The Minnesota Twins become our state’s only professional sports champions by winning the World Series in both 1987 and 1991.

Over the past four decades, the Twin Cities have become known, nationwide, as the home of Peanuts and Prince, a place for fishing, hunting and the deep-fried foods of the Minnesota State Fair. We are home to icy winters and beautiful summers as well as hotdish and the Juicy Lucy. We are a place for work, boasting industrial giants General Mills, Target, and 3M. We have become a leader in helping people by founding HMO’s and the Mayo Clinic. Ours is state of wonderful contrasts living peacefully with one another.

Quality Refrigeration’s Steadfast Service

Through all of that time, Quality Refrigeration has stood by with our highly trained and helpful staff providing state-of-the-art heating and cooling services for businesses in our community. We’ve learned a lot about providing the best possible service in our four decades of working with the people of the Twin Cities. We believe that Minnesota is an incredible place to live and we plan to be here for another four decades, serving the greatest community in the country and the people who have kept us in business for 43 years.

If you are looking for the best in Twin Cities commercial heating and cooling (or suggestions on the best places to fish) give us a call at Quality Refrigeration.

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