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Quality Refrigeration Makes Your Night Out Better

09-15-18 / / By JJ Johnson

Young love makes the world go round. It is the cornerstone of every great movie and love song ever penned. It is a force so powerful, whole industries have been created in its wake. And Quality Refrigeration is there, making young love that much the better. Don’t believe us? Take a look around.

Out to Eat

Go to dinner at your favorite restaurant and you’ll see us all around you. Quality Refrigeration works with hundreds of restaurants around the Twin Cities installing walk-in freezers and refrigerators to keep your steak cold and ready to order. We also work with refrigerated serving stations to provide you with the freshest salad choices. We provide restaurants with ice machines to cool down your drink and reach in coolers for a glass of wine.

At the Movies

At the movies, we are there providing industrial air conditioning to provide a cool atmosphere in which to watch the hottest movies. Our technicians are so adept at servicing these units that they run with the greatest possible efficiency. Keeping the theater cool, and giving our young lovers another reason to snuggle together in their seats.

At Home

We are even there at the mini-mart along the way home providing reach in coolers for beverages and snacks that they can share as an excuse to make the date go longer into the night. We are also waiting for them at home as they prepare to relax with their snacks and chat about their evening.

Keeping You Comfortable Everywhere You Go

Now, we’re not saying that Quality Refrigeration is just as good as young love, but for the rest of us, providing fresh foods, cool drinks, comfortable movies, quality snacks on-demand, and keeping us all cool under the pressures of the day…Hey, maybe we are as good as young love.

If you need the best trained, most knowledgeable technicians for your coolers, serving units, ice machines or air conditioning for your entertainment establishment, give us a call at Quality Refrigeration. You’ll love that you did.

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