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Retail Service Offerings from Quality Refrigeration

06-15-18 / / By gran

Almost daily, you see those white Quality Refrigeration vans rolling through your neighborhood.  You probably assume that they’re on their way to help a neighbor with their furnace or air conditioner. Sure, HVAC repair is a part of what we do, but there is much more that we do every day to make your life better outside of heating and cooling your business.  

Walk-in Coolers

We work with your favorite stop-and-go market on the corner by installing and maintaining reach-in coolers to provide you with cool drinks and a delicious sandwich on your break. We provide the large grocery store in town with refrigerated cases and large walk-in coolers for dairy, fish, meats, cheeses, and perishables for you and your family. We also work with the companies that deliver fruits and vegetables to keep their whole warehouse cool which serves to keep your food fresh.  

Comfortable Shopping

Quality Refrigeration is also working in your favorite boutiques and large box chain stores keeping their heating and cooling units working to ensure your comfort while shopping for groceries, clothes, music and more. From the small traditional air conditioners for your neighborhood stores, to large, roof mounted rack systems for warehouses and those everything-under-one-roof stores the size of warehouses; our highly trained technicians work to maintain them all.  

Fine Dining

We are also working with your favorite restaurant to make your dining experience as good as it can be. We work with walk in freezers to preserve your favorite meats, cooling units for keeping fruits and vegetables crisp and tasty, and ice machines to keep your favorite soft drinks cool and refreshing. You may not think of us at first, but Quality Refrigeration is a part of your favorite night out.

So, sure, when you see one of our vans rolling through your neighborhood, we might be going to your neighbor’s business to repair their air conditioner or furnace; but we also might be working to make your shopping and eating experience as good as they can be.

If you want to see how Quality Refrigeration can help your retail business, give us a call.  We’ll come out and show you how partnering with the best can make your work even better.

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