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How to Save Money on Home Heating

03-15-18 / / By gran

As winter lays her heavy hand across the great white north, families are trying to find ways to stay warm and not break the bank with their monthly heating bills. Your friends at Quality Refrigeration are here to help with a couple of suggestions to keep you and your family warm and toasty while making your home your own personal winter wonderland.


Learn to love socks.  

First, dress warm, even when inside. Break out your favorite fuzzy sweater for everyday use and keep those warm socks out for another couple of weeks. Dressing warm will keep you snug without hitting you in the pocketbook every month with a hefty heating bill.


Lower your thermostat.  

Believe it or not, you should probably turn your thermostat down. Turning it down by just 2 or 3 degrees is a difference you are unlikely to notice until the bill comes at the end of the month and it’s 5% to 10% lower. You can save even more money by turning your thermostat down at night while everyone is asleep or when everyone is going to be out of the house for more than a couple of hours. Consider getting a programmable thermostat that can turn the temperature down while everyone is asleep or at work and school and turn it back up just before everyone gets home. A device that might cost $50 or $100 can save you hundreds of dollars in a single winter.  

While you’re turning things down, don’t forget about the water heater. You never use the water at its maximum temperature anyway. Consider dropping the temperature from 140 degrees to closer to 120. This small change is something that you won’t even notice and could be a big saving on your monthly heating bills.


Make use of the heat you already have.  

Don’t let the heat you generate escape unnecessarily. Keep the flue in your fireplace closed to prevent any heat from escaping out your chimney. Since hot air rises, use ceiling fans to recirculate that air and keep it where your family can enjoy it. Keep furniture, rugs, and drapes away from heating vents to allow the hot air free passage into the room. Also, keep your window shades open during the day to allow as much light into your house as possible. The light will help to passively heat the room for free; just remember to close your drapes at night to keep all that heat in.


Last but not least, call Quality Refrigeration to schedule an annual furnace maintenance check. Our experienced technicians will get your furnace operating at peak efficiency, find gaps and blocks in your vents, and replace dirty filters to keep your family toasty warm while keeping your monthly heating bills wonderfully low. Stop shelling out big money for little heat. Keep your family warm and your monthly bills manageable by calling Quality Refrigeration today.

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