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How to Tell if You Have a Great HVAC Repairman

05-15-18 / / By gran

Your HVAC system is crucial to your business. Not only does it keep your staff and customers comfortable, but when it is poorly maintained, it can be a huge and unnecessary expense;  that’s why you need the service of a great HVAC technician to maintain your HVAC system. How do you tell if your technician has the skills to keep your system up and running and save you money? Here are a few things to look for:

Technical Training:

A great HVAC technician shouldn’t be learning on the fly. They should have received proper training on the functioning of all the major heating and cooling systems they will be working with while in the field. They should be intimately familiar with the workings of not just your air conditioning unit or furnace, but the vents, ducts and exhaust units to ensure that your system is working at peak efficiency at all times. If your technician is fumbling about trying to figure out your system, they’re not the one you want maintaining your company’s comfort when bad weather hits.

They have all the proper testing equipment:

There are a lot of handymen who pass themselves off as HVAC professionals, but many of them do not have the proper equipment to do the job right. A true HVAC technician does not show up with a hammer and a tool belt. They show up with an airflow meter, humidity recorder, and voltmeter. They should also have these items in their truck and not have to go back to the office to get them. If your technician has to go back to the office to get their testing equipment, tell them to stay there.

Is patient and thorough:  

A true HVAC professional understands that their job does not end when the air conditioner or furnace is working; fixing the issues at the box is not the end of the job. A good HVAC professional also knows to check on your ducts, vents, exhaust units, and filters to ensure that your system does more than just work, it works well. An efficient working HVAC system will save your company money every month and even more money when it lasts for years more because of proper maintenance.

Offers great customer service:  

The last test of a great HVAC repairman is if they spend the time to talk to you about what they have done, why they did it, and what else might need to be done in the future. After all, it is your system they are working on. You deserve to know what was fixed, why it needed fixing, and what else to look for this year and the next. If your technician merely finishes the job and just hands you a bill without telling you what was done, they shouldn’t be invited back.  

A good HVAC technician can save you money and keep you and your staff safe. To make sure you are getting the best technician for your HVAC system, call the best technicians in town. Call Quality Refrigeration.

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