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Your Heating and Refrigeration Partner of Choice: Quality Refrigeration

12-15-17 / / By JJ Johnson

No matter your business, having a quality heating and cooling partner is critical to your success. That’s why Quality Refrigeration is the choice of Twin Cities business leaders. We have helped hundreds of companies across dozens of industries with their heating and refrigeration needs. You may not stop to think about all the times your business could use Quality Refrigeration professionals, but the examples are everywhere throughout the greater Minneapolis and Saint Paul area.  


Variety to fit Your Needs

Area shops, strip malls, and businesses partner with us for providing the highest quality heating and cooling units. Whether you a need small, a one shop unit, or a large, rooftop system, we can help you to find the option that is perfect for the comfort of your customers and your employees. We also provide a variety of maintenance agreements to keep your unit functioning at peak performance and save you money on costly repairs while lowering your monthly energy bills.


Speciality to Answer the Call

In addition, medical research firms trust Quality Refrigeration to install walk-in freezers and cooler units to keep specimens cold. Our units can guarantee the necessary temperatures for their work allowing them to create new cures to keep mankind safe and healthy.  


Heating and Refrigeration for All

Large grocery chains all the way to your local corner markets count on us to provide them with all of their food storage and preparation needs. From reach-in coolers for milk, fruit, vegetables, and perishables to open case coolers for meat, butter, and cheese, we’re there. At Quality Refrigeration, we provide heating units for cooking and warming treats for hungry customers on-the-go. We also install walk-in coolers and freezers for meat, dairy, juice, eggs, and other foods.  Next time you run down to the corner store for a cold drink and a hot snack, remember, it was the work of a cooling partner that helped make your fresh food buying options possible.


Quality Refrigeration also works with some of the best restaurants in the Twin Cities. We install walk in coolers and freezers to preserve meat and perishables to ensure the freshest meals in town. Cook line coolers keep meat and dairy items cool and fresh for pizzas, salads, burgers, and sandwiches, and ice machines ensure cool drinks and warm smiles throughout the facility.  


Give us a call and find out why, when businesses throughout the Twin Cities are looking for a quality partner for their heating and refrigeration needs, they call Quality Refrigeration.

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