Heating System

There are multiple types of heating systems, including forced air, boilers, radiant, etc.; this example will concentrate on gas forced air systems.

The forced air systems include the following components (and often more): control unit, filters, gas valve, mixing chamber, ignition unit, burners, heat exchanger, blower/motor, and ductwork.


  1. Upon receiving the signal from the control unit, the gas valve opens allows gas into the mixing chamber where it mixes with the incoming air. The mixture flows to the burners.
  2. At the burners, the mixture is ignited by the ignition system.
  3. After ignition, the flames are fed more air and gas and flow to the heat exchanger. The flue gases continue out through the exhaust portal.
  4. In the heat exchanger, the heat is transferred to a medium (air) via a blower and continues through the ductwork distribution system.