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Minneapolis Refrigeration Installation

Our installation techs, with over 180 years of combined experience, have installed rooftop units, make tables, ice machines, produce cases, meat case, dairy cases as well as walk in freezer and coolers, whether you supply the units and we supply them. By having our own crane, we can save you additional time and money during the installation process.

Recent Minneapolis refrigeration installation locations:

Medical Research Company – installed both a new walk in freezer and a walk in cooler

Grocery store – replaced all refrigerated cases and walk in units for a remodeled and expanded store. The general contractor supplied the units (boxes and cases) while we supplied the refrigeration components for the produce cases, dairy cases walk in cooler and walk in freezer.

Restaurant – replaced both the existing walk in cooler and freezer with boxes supplied by general contractor. We also installed the ice machines and cooks’ line coolers.

Grocery store – installed all refrigerated cases and walk in units for new store. General contractor supplied the cases and boxes while we supplied the refrigeration components.

Candy Co. – replaced existing condensing units and process chillers Food distributor – Installed warehouse sized walk in cooler and walk in freezer for new location and disposed of old freezer and cooler from former location. We supplied the walk in units and refrigeration components

Grocery store – Installed a combination of new and used (from prior location) refrigerated cases and walk in units for new location.

Food distributor – dismantled and disposed of old walk in cooler and installed new walk in unit. We supplied the boxes and refrigeration components.

Strip mall/retailer we replaced rooftop units. This also applies to office/warehouse complexes.

Do you have questions on refrigeration installation for your company? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us here and we can help.

Minneapolis Refrigeration Installation

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