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3 Things to Consider with your HVAC System

04-13-17 / / By JJ Johnson

When you’re installing a new HVAC system or purchasing a home that already has one installed, there are some important considerations to make. We often don’t think about details of an HVAC system with a new (or new to us) home; we’re simply grateful if there’s one installed at all. But there are some points to think about with HVAC systems that may not have crossed your mind. At Quality Refrigeration, your Minneapolis ventilation services experts, we can help you overcome HVAC issues effectively and efficiently.


What’s the ductwork look like?

Ducts need to be installed and balanced properly and should take into consideration the size of the home they’re servicing. Since your ducts act as your heating and cooling conduits, without proper installation your home won’t stay a comfortable temperature due to inefficiency issues. The most efficient type of ductwork is round and externally insulated, while the least efficient are long runs of flexible duct.


Where’s the unit located?

With indoor units, anything mounted in an attic will eventually leak and cause water damage without proper precautions. It’s always better to have furnaces located on lower levels which also makes them simpler to service.

For outdoor units, make sure they’re not placed directly outside of a bedroom window where they’ll cause frustrating noise pollution when they kick on and off. It’s also wise to place the unit somewhere where it will be safe from damage (getting backed into by a car, for example) and be sure that any roofline it’s under has proper gutters installed.


How do you access the air filter?

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s surprisingly common for homeowners to have difficulty finding and accessing the air filter. Since HVAC air filters should be replaced every three or four months, this is a fairly important piece of your HVAC system puzzle.


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