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Walk-In Refrigerator Unit Doors: Types and Maintenance


Your walk-in refrigerator unit doors are the unsung heroes of any cooler unit. They not only protect your precious inventory from spoiling, they also preserve the other components of the cooler. And they take a beating while doing it. Take some time to understand the type of door you have and how to keep it operating in tip-top shape.

Slide Doors

Slide doors provide convenience for when you need to frequently bring products in and out of the unit. If you are using a forklift to move your inventory, power slide doors are a great choice.

Swing/Hinge Doors

Swing doors open on a hinge and have a door sweep on the bottom. The door sweep prevents outside air from entering the unit and also creates a seal inside the unit. Typically a swing door has a hydraulic closer as well the door sweep.


Your walk-in refrigerator unit doors are used and abused on a regular basis and therefore require ongoing maintenance. Follow these tips to protect your doors and extend the life of your equipment:

  • Installation: Installing your doors properly from the start means fewer problems down the line.
  • Regularly check for leaks: Leaks in seals and gaskets let the cold air out, warm air in, and therefore your system has to work overtime to maintain the correct temperature.
  • Lubricate your hinges: If your door doesn't have self-lubricating hinges, make sure to do this once a year.
  • Regular cleaning: Regularly wipe down doors, seals, gaskets, etc. Dirt and grime build up leads to decreased performance.
  • Check door sweeps and gaskets: Replace any materials that have become hard or cracked.
  • Call for service: If you have a problem, don't put off a service call. Call an experienced technician right away, before your current problem becomes even bigger.
  • Maintenance agreement: Having a maintenance agreement takes the guesswork out of your preventative maintenance. An experienced technician sets the appointments, thoroughly inspects everything, and recommends maintenance if necessary.

Protect Your Doors, Protect Your Inventory

Well-maintained doors protect your inventory by keeping everything at the right temperature. In addition, they also keep the rest of the equipment working at optimum performance. Give Quality Refrigeration a call today and schedule an appointment with one of our qualified, friendly technicians. We'll inspect your doors, make any necessary repairs, and can even get your signed up for a maintenance agreement.