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Heating Systems Programs

10-17-17 / / By gran

Its that time of year again here in Minneapolis. The leaves are turning and the Vikings are kicking off. Fall comes, once again, to the great white north. That means… Read More

Minneapolis HVAC maintenance programs

Plan Ahead with Regular Maintenance

09-13-17 / / By JJ Johnson

Everyone knows that clean air is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Without it, humans wouldn’t have much of a chance of survival. Unfortunately, a potential source of air contamination is… Read More

HVAC Repair Minneapolis

Is Your HVAC System Wasting Energy?

08-17-17 / / By JJ Johnson

It is often difficult for building engineers to identify signs of energy waste within their HVAC system. A lack of time or expertise can prevent them from properly examining their… Read More

commercial refrigeration maintenance plan

The Potential Downfall of Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Plan Negligence

07-17-17 / / By JJ Johnson

Here at Quality Refrigeration, we know the importance of maintenance, and we try to help our clients to be proactive and invest in plans for routine inspections and “tune-ups” for… Read More

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance for Those Minneapolis Summers

06-08-17 / / By gran

Minneapolis Air Conditioning Maintenance for Those Minneapolis Summers When it comes to HVAC maintenance, there are some important considerations to make. Poor maintenance could decrease system efficiency, damage components, and… Read More

commercial air conditioning

3 Signs it’s Time to Replace your Commercial Air Conditioner

05-15-17 / / By JJ Johnson

Commercial air conditioning is an investment worth making, but how do you know when it’s time to shell out the cash to finally replace your unit? While commercial units tend… Read More

minneapolis ventilation services

3 Things to Consider with your HVAC System

04-13-17 / / By JJ Johnson

When you’re installing a new HVAC system or purchasing a home that already has one installed, there are some important considerations to make. We often don’t think about details of… Read More

minneapolis heating service

A Brief History of Heating Systems

03-13-17 / / By JJ Johnson

When you reside in a climate that brings with it seasons of extreme cold, a heating system isn’t an optional luxury for comfort, but a necessity of survival. While a… Read More

HVAC Maintenance Minneapolis

HVAC and Technology

02-16-17 / / By JJ Johnson

HVAC Maintenance Minneapolis Efficiency, ease of use, convenience, and environmental friendliness are a sampling of the ways that HVAC systems are coming of age into new technologies.  Most of our… Read More

Refrigeration Maintenance, Refrigeration Maintenance Minneapolis

Refrigeration Maintenance Checklist

01-13-17 / / By JJ Johnson

Regardless of the type of refrigeration unit you have, it’s proper functionality is likely imperative to the success of your business.  If nothing else, an outage or malfunction could be… Read More

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