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The Potential Downfall of Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Plan Negligence

07-17-17 / / By JJ Johnson

Here at Quality Refrigeration, we know the importance of maintenance, and we try to help our clients to be proactive and invest in plans for routine inspections and “tune-ups” for their appliances and major home systems.  Homeowners know this, but businesses using commercial refrigeration in Minneapolis have just as much need of maintenance as residential customers, yet they often opt out of commercial refrigeration maintenance plans and agreements and instead use service only when something goes wrong.


An Ugly Possibility

Imagine the scenario. You run a restaurant or a grocery store. The livelihood of your business depends on the food within your industrial fridges and freezers installed by commercial refrigeration companies in Minneapolis like Quality Refrigeration.  Consider this: you wait until your HVAC system or commercial refrigeration has an issue, or worse, goes out altogether. This could cost you hundreds in profit and lost materials. Imagine your typical work day, and then try to picture it without the benefit of a functional HVAC system and commercial refrigeration. Your staff and your customers will be uncomfortable and hot, and that usually puts everyone in a foul mood.  No commercial refrigeration means meat, dairy, and produce will begin to spoil.


The Good News

All that money lost would more than pay for a maintenance plan for your commercial refrigeration appliances in your restaurant or grocery store.  A commercial refrigeration maintenance plan would offer you the following benefits:

  • Service calls to repair deficiencies discovered during preventative maintenance has our truck charge waived
  • Potential product loss can be averted since the problem is discovered before it becomes a major issue
  • You will save money and more efficiently because your commercial refrigeration will be running at their peak performance.
  • You retain potential lost revenue that could have resulted from customers’ discomfort or lack of product due to a poorly running or non-functioning unit.

Do you have questions about commercial refrigeration installation or a maintenance plan for your company? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us here, and we can help protect your business and your money.


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