Heating System There are multiple types of heating systems, including forced air, boilers, radiant, etc.; this example will concentrate on gas forced air systems. The forced air systems include the following components (and often more): control unit, filters, gas valve, mixing chamber, ignition unit, burners, heat exchanger, blower/motor, and ductwork. HOW IT WORKS Upon receiving […]


HOW IT WORKS Air conditioning units have the same basic components and follow the same cycle as refrigeration units. However, an air conditioner is cooling a much bigger, less enclosed “box”. It is also not trying to reduce the temperature to the level of a cooler or freezer. Some suggestions if your air conditioning isn’t […]


HOW IT WORKS Refrigeration systems are closed loop operations, and maintain the colder temperatures since they are within a closed, insulated box. Low temp refrigerants are used for freezers and medium temp refrigerants are used for coolers. They contain at least (and usually many more) components: a compressor, a metering device, a hot (condenser) coil, […]