How To Keep Your Employees Warm In Cold Weather


We can’t keep denying it. The days are getting shorter. The mornings are getting brisk. The trees are beginning to change color. No matter how much we don’t want to admit it’s happening, autumn is coming. Cold weather also means we return to the age old battle of trying to keep our workplaces warm without breaking the budget for utilities. Here are a few ideas to help your staff keep warm as the weather turns cold.

Adjust Your Temperatures

Have an all staff meeting about the temperatures for various work areas. Try to understand the needs for each area and how the employees in these sections might be able to address the temperatures in their work spaces. Those who need to come and go outside on a regular basis might also need to understand that a constantly open door means that their work areas are going to be kept cooler, and they should expect to need to wear their work coats inside. Other staff who spend most of the workday seated at a desk inside might also need to understand that they will need to dress in layers in order to stay warm.

Cover Bare Floors

Hardwood floors and tile look great and are easy to clean, but they also keep in the cold. If you don’t have carpeting, you might want to look for throw rugs that you can put down in the cooler months. These can be big enough to cover a common area, or have staff bring in smaller ones for their desk or chair to help keep them warm.

Hot Beverages

Keep hot beverages available. A simple pot of coffee and a choice of teas or some cocoa mix in the cupboard can go a long way in helping your employees stay warm. A hot, tasty drink warms the hands and the body, and gives them the energy for a long day of work.

Dress Warm

Work with employees to find ways to dress warm while still maintaining adherence to your employee dress code. This can be as easy as ideas for scarfs, formal sweaters, or wool pants and skirts. For those in less formal work environments, perhaps hoodies with the company logo will allow staff to remain toasty while being identifiable as employees.

Fall Heating Check Up

Most importantly is to have your heating unit working at peak efficiency. A well maintained furnace will provide more heat for you and your staff while costing less money for you and your budget. You should have your furnace looked at once a year to ensure an efficient furnace. At Quality Refrigeration, our seasoned technicians are the best in the business at ensuring that your heating system is running clean and strong and saving you money while it heats the whole office for both your customers and your staff alike.

If you need to schedule your fall furnace maintenance check up, contact the experienced technicians at Quality Refrigeration today. Our friendly staff will be come out to ensure that you’re wearing ugly sweaters to celebrate the holidays and not out of desperation from the cold.