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The Green Side Of Refrigeration


For centuries, mankind has spent our technological energies on attempts to conquer the world around us. From mastering fire for cooking and manufacturing spearheads for fending off animals, to the inventions of the wheel and the triangular sail to allow us to travel to far off lands and bring back the treasures we found there. Now, here at the dawning of the 21st century, our genius is being turned to ways to preserve this world that we conquered. Across a hundred industries and dozens of disciplines, the smartest people on the planet are focusing their genius on finding new, greener technologies to keep our world lush, bountiful, and efficient to provide not just for us, but for future generations as well.

For the past 150 years, refrigeration has been at the heart of that drive to preserve what we have grown. For centuries before that, refrigeration amounted to nothing more than a dark cellar, or preserving ice and snow in a nearby cave. It was used mostly for chilling drinks for emperors, kings, sultans, and pharaohs. Reliable and manageable refrigeration, however, has allowed us to reduce food waste and medical issues related to the eating of soiled foods.

Climate controlled warehouses, delivery trucks, and cargo ships have allowed us to bring fruits, vegetables, meats and dairies from a thousand faraway lands to your local grocery store. Refrigeration technology means that these foreign grown foods arrive at your dinner table as fresh as the day they were picked. No longer do millions of pounds of food get wasted every year because the distributor cannot get it from the fields to your table.

This technology has also allowed the advent of pre-prepared meals that save people thousands of hours every year by allowing them to heat ready-to-go meals for their families to eat. It has also reduced our nation’s salt intake, as meats are now refrigerated from slaughter house to table and no longer salted to ward off spoilage. Now, one time specialty items such as ice cream, French cheese, Brazilian beef, Chinese chicken, California milk, Pacific shrimp and Atlantic Cod can all be found in a single visit to your nearest grocery store.

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