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Prepare For Summer Heat


The days are getting longer and the snow has all melted. Soon our complaints of winter cold will turn to protests of summer heat and soaring electric bills from running our air conditioner all day, every day. Here are a some ideas to prepare for the summer heat to keep your home cool and your bills low.


Open your curtains and drapes at night to let in the cool evening air and allow the night to cool off your home. Close your curtains and keep your blinds closed during the day to keep in the cool air. Light streaming in through your windows will heat up a room quickly and force you to run your AC earlier and longer.  

Take Your Cooking Outdoors

Turn the oven off and take your food prep outside! Keep your kitchen cool by taking advantage of your grill this summer. It’s also a great opportunity to try some fresh new summer recipes. Finding ways to eat without turning on your oven or stove will prevent them from adding extra heat to your home and extra dollars to your A/C bill.  

Why use your hot dryer when you can hang your clothes outside to dry? Channel your grandmother’s techniques and take that laundry outside! Running your dryer not only raises temps in your house, but raises your energy bill as well. But the benefits of line drying don’t stop there. It helps to whiten and disinfect, is gentle on your clothing, and helps eliminate strong odors.

Only Cool What You Use

Close vents and doors to unused rooms in your house. This way, you prevent the air conditioner from trying to cool the whole house. Did anyone grow up with a parent that said “We’re not cooling the great outdoors! Shut the door behind you!” This wasn’t just your parents being ornery; they simply wanted to keep the cool air in and the hot air out! Teach children to close the doors behind them so your AC doesn’t have to work overtime.

Use Cross Ventilation

Opening windows on opposite sides of the house encourages air movement and keeps your home cooler all day long. Additionally, point box fans out of windows to force airflow throughout the room.  

Keep Your Equipment in Tip-Top Shape

Lastly, make sure your equipment is running efficiently. Have a trained and knowledgeable technician check your whole system. This ensures your system is generating the proper amount of cold, ducts are not leaking, your filters are clean, and vents are unobstructed.  A well-maintained air conditioner will generate more cold for less money. 

If the air conditioner in your office, business, restaurant, or store needs a tune up for summer, call the specialists at Quality Refrigeration. Our highly trained and experienced technicians have been keeping the Twin Cities cool in the summer heat for 40 years. Get in touch today and bring Quality Refrigeration to your summer.