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How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Properly

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After months of complaining about the brutal winter cold, the summer heat is finally upon us! As the day-time temperatures become more and more uncomfortable, we look to our air conditioning to keep us cool. Workplace temperatures are a lot like the Three Little Bears porridge- It needs to be juuuusst right to keep employees happy and productive. Here are some ways you can keep your air conditioning running properly, to provide a comfortable workplace and save money.


Make sure to keep the areas around the outdoor air conditioner clear, to allow air to flow through to the unit. A common problem is to have shrubs, trees and outdoor furniture too close to the outdoor unit. Also, check the air conditioner unit itself. Listen for squeaks, grinding or banging noises, and check for puddles, leaks and drips, and call for service if you notice any. Clean Vents and Replace Filters

Workplace HVAC units collect dirt very quickly, so make sure to clean your vents and replace filters often. A dirty filter will block the air and prevent your cooling system from properly distributing the cold. Clean your vents to increase air quality and reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses through the air.


It may be tempting to put the thermostat all the way down when it gets really hot outside, but fight the urge. It won’t necessarily cool your space down any faster, but it will put added and unnecessary strain on the air conditioner unit. Keep your thermostat at a moderate setting to save wear and tear on the unit, and keep your utility bills reasonable as well.


Preventative maintenance plans keep things running efficiently. Technicians replace belts and filters with them, and bring cleaners and lubricants as well. Your equipment typically lasts longer, since regular visits catch small problems before the turn into larger issues. It’s true what they say: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Use these tips to keep your air conditioning running properly and efficiently, and help your equipment last longer. If you do run into problems or when you want to get on a preventative maintenance schedule, look to the experts at Quality Refrigeration!