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Commercial Refrigeration Unit Maintenance


For many industries, commercial refrigeration is a necessity. Restaurants, grocery stores, florists, medical facilities, and warehouses rely heavily on these units. These industries then provide goods and services to many other companies and industries, and so on. It's important to keep these units in good working order by providing commercial refrigeration unit maintenance. Here are a few suggestions for how you can keep your refrigeration units running like the day they were made.

Clean the Interior

Remove items from the unit into a temporary cooler and use a soft brush to scrub the shelves and open surfaces to remove dirt, grease, etc.  Remove drawers and small shelving units to soak if possible. While you are in cleaning mode, clean the exterior of the unit as well.

Regularly Clean the Coils

This is the unit that makes the cold happen. Most manufacturers recommend that you clean it at least every three months. Disconnect the power and use a stiff brush to remove any dust or debris. Clean any remnants with a vacuum or air compressor. Check the evaporator coil at the same time and make sure that it is also clear of any dirt or grease in the same way.

Check Door Gaskets 

Maintaining an airtight seal around the doors and any windows is crucial to the efficiency of your cooling unit. If cool air can escape, it will require a great deal more energy to maintain the desired temperature within. Door gaskets are specific the door for each unit, so be sure to order the proper piece when replacing your gaskets.

Check the Air Filters

Make sure that the filters are clean and free of dust, particularly in restaurants. Grease from the fryers gets trapped in the filters and blocks air flow.  Regularly clean and/or replace air filters to keep things in good working order.

Check drain Pans and Tubes

Too much water or sludge getting into the units mechanical systems can cause them to freeze up, causing damage to your units moving parts.  Making sure that you clean your drain pans and wipe down all your systems tubes is important to preventing build up before it can cause damage.

Keep Things Dry

One of the main dangers for your cooling unit is getting water in the machinery. This freezes and causes damage to the interior workings of your commercial unit. Keep everything clean and dry to prevent damage and ensure your system runs smoothly.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent something big and costly from happening to your commercial refrigeration unit. Quality Refrigeration's team of knowledgeable technicians have years of experience in commercial refrigeration unit maintenance, including walk-in refrigerator, freezer unit, or reach-in coolers. To keep your equipment working like the day you bought it, give us a call. Quality Refrigeration is your partner in keeping you and your business cool.