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How to Save Money on Home Heating

03-15-18 / / By gran

As winter lays her heavy hand across the great white north, families are trying to find ways to stay warm and not break the bank with their monthly heating bills.… Read More

This is How you Know that Your Furnace is about to go Out

02-15-18 / / By gran

As a long Minnesota winter begins to take hold, we are driven inside for long dark evenings of hot soup, warm cocoa, and Netflix, thankful for our homes reliable furnace… Read More

maintenance agreement

How a Maintenance Agreement Can Save You Money

01-15-18 / / By gran

Many see service agreements that companies offer for their heating and cooling systems as a ploy to make more money. You couldn’t be more wrong. A service agreement for your… Read More

heating and refrigeration

Your Heating and Refrigeration Partner of Choice: Quality Refrigeration

12-15-17 / / By JJ Johnson

No matter your business, having a quality heating and cooling partner is critical to your success. That’s why Quality Refrigeration is the choice of Twin Cities business leaders. We have… Read More

Compelling Reasons for Furnace Preventative Maintenance

11-15-17 / / By JJ Johnson

You would never drive your car 25,000 miles without changing your oil. In the same way, you shouldn’t go more than a year without scheduling preventative maintenance for your company’s… Read More

Minneapolis Heating Services Programs

Minneapolis Heating Services Programs

10-17-17 / / By gran

Its that time of year again here in Minneapolis. The leaves are turning and the Vikings are kicking off. Fall comes, once again, to the great white north. That means… Read More

Minneapolis HVAC maintenance programs

Plan Ahead with Regular Maintenance

09-13-17 / / By JJ Johnson

Everyone knows that clean air is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Without it, humans wouldn’t have much of a chance of survival. Unfortunately, a potential source of air contamination is… Read More

HVAC Repair Minneapolis

Is Your HVAC System Wasting Energy?

08-17-17 / / By JJ Johnson

It is often difficult for building engineers to identify signs of energy waste within their HVAC system. A lack of time or expertise can prevent them from properly examining their… Read More

commercial refrigeration maintenance plan

The Potential Downfall of Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Plan Negligence

07-17-17 / / By JJ Johnson

Here at Quality Refrigeration, we know the importance of maintenance, and we try to help our clients to be proactive and invest in plans for routine inspections and “tune-ups” for… Read More

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance for Those Minneapolis Summers

06-08-17 / / By gran

Minneapolis Air Conditioning Maintenance for Those Minneapolis Summers When it comes to HVAC maintenance, there are some important considerations to make. Poor maintenance could decrease system efficiency, damage components, and… Read More

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