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The Green Side of Refrigeration

11-15-18 / / By gran

For centuries, mankind has spent our technological energies on attempts to conquer the world around us. From mastering fire for cooking and manufacturing spearheads for fending off animals, to the… Read More

How To Keep Your Employees Warm in Cold Weather

10-15-18 / / By gran

We can’t keep denying it. The days are getting shorter. The mornings are getting brisk. The trees are beginning to change color. No matter how much we don’t want to… Read More

Quality Refrigeration Makes Your Night Out Better

09-15-18 / / By JJ Johnson

Young love makes the world go round. It is the cornerstone of every great movie and love song ever penned. It is a force so powerful, whole industries have been… Read More

A History of Refrigeration

08-15-18 / / By JJ Johnson

Quality Refrigeration has been serving the heating and cooling needs for Twin Cities families and businesses for 40 years now and we’re not ones to overlook the power of history… Read More

Inexpensive Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

07-15-18 / / By JJ Johnson

After a winter that seemed to go on forever, summer is in full swing. Long, hot days have arrived, and all over the Twin Cities, families are doing what they… Read More

Retail Service Offerings from Quality Refrigeration

06-15-18 / / By gran

Almost daily, you see those white Quality Refrigeration vans rolling through your neighborhood.  You probably assume that they’re on their way to help a neighbor with their furnace or air… Read More

How to Tell if You Have a Great HVAC Repairman

05-15-18 / / By gran

Your HVAC system is crucial to your business. Not only does it keep your staff and customers comfortable, but when it is poorly maintained, it can be a huge and… Read More

Quality Refrigeration Celebrates 40 Years of Service in the Twin Cities

04-15-18 / / By gran

1975 was a wonderful year in a lot of ways.  The devastation wrought by both Watergate and the Vietnam War was finally over, Led Zeppelin was making new music, and… Read More

How to Save Money on Home Heating

03-15-18 / / By gran

As winter lays her heavy hand across the great white north, families are trying to find ways to stay warm and not break the bank with their monthly heating bills.… Read More

This is How you Know that Your Furnace is about to go Out

02-15-18 / / By gran

As a long Minnesota winter begins to take hold, we are driven inside for long dark evenings of hot soup, warm cocoa, and Netflix, thankful for our homes reliable furnace… Read More

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